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Send Yours Money is your current most energetic obligation recuperation management and buildup office. The assembly branch was started with one motive; to alter the design by which responsibility accumulation associations operate. There's absolutely no actual method to coordinate with the upsides of utilizing National Asset Management which is a slice of the charge announcing business, the legal network and widely perceived. Send Yours Money is your largest exclusive company of its own sort. We use a distinctive and Debt Net operational platform, which provides across the country inclusion.

Our Benefits

- Service from a steady, experienced organization, for example, Send Yours Money Services, protects the assistance you need, will be accessible now and later on.
- You keep up outright command over the budgetary issues of the training, and get point by point month to month reports.
- All customers will get tweaked month to month budgetary reports.
- Send Yours Money Services is in finished consistence with HIPAA guidelines.

Services Offered

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Automate Online Bill

Send Yours Money Plus was created with the only reason for streamlining your company' process whilst invoicing customers consistently. Prepare the program by creating regular repeating fees for the commonly used associations. Select cost prices, late fees, charging cycles and essentially brief the app when to make trades. Most an astute receipt or statement could then have the capability to become educated, published, or exchanged to our protected server for coping with and mailing.

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Billing Management

Send Yours Money objective will be to enhance keeping charging by creating bargains in bulk reliant on presets you have selected for your clientele. These invoices are engraved on our pre-punctured reception plots and encased in a USPS five-star twofold windowed mailing near to some bonded check return.


Receivables Management

Send Yours Money Plus is a pinch of documents lien institution programming which is here to perform the boring job for you. Rather than making hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of supplies reliably and directing yourself, decide to satisfactorily robotize this technique together with Send Yours Money. Our thing lets you create asking for, procedure parcels and handle your documents from a lone UI.

Our Recurring Payment Process

Here at Send Yours Moneywe hope to earn the procedure for invoicing equally as discomfort bits as instant and protected as could be sensible. Not only does Send Yours Money get out the necessity to enter in section references, you may even emptiness and rotate exchanges out of it is single UI.


Pay My Bill Online

Enter Visa or financial balance data Procedure one-time and repeating exchanges Set up a '"Pay Now" catch on your site

View & Track Receivables

Screen past due customers and keep over accumulations View deals and deals charge reports Pursuit and channel reports by classification Fare reports to exceed expectations

Make Online Payment

Use catchphrases to create client data Send messages in mass or print names for mailing Make layouts to store in client data records