What We Offer

Flexible payment acceptance, automated billing, and customer marketing solutions.


Generate business 24/7 by accepting payments through online storefronts, payment forms, and embeddable solutions.


Swipe, key-in, or charge account on file for one-time payments or to set recurring billing schedules when face to face with customers.


Manage your business on the go and generate sales anywhere with Send Your Money's mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Why choose us ?

Build an online store that can sell services, products, and subscriptions and market your business. Customers can check-out using a variety of payment methods and each sale is reconciled to a customer account for simple order management and tracking.

Stay open for business 24/7 with a simple checkout experience for services, products, and subscriptions.
Market your online store and increase visitors by promoting it on your website or social channels.
Manage your online business with Send Your Money and create multiple stores to personalize your customers’ buying experience.


Simple Credit Card Processing : Offer the ultimate level of convenience for customers by accepting credit cards for your products and services.Create more predictable revenue by collecting recurring payments quickly and easily.

One-Time and Recurring Credit Card Payments : Improve cash flow and create predictable revenue by accepting one-time credit card payments and automating billing schedules.

Mobile Credit Card ProcessingAccepting credit card payments anytime, anywhere with Send Your Money’s swipers and mobile app solutions.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Credit Card Insights : Credit card payments and registration details from all devices automatically sync into the same secure customer database, allowing you to discover key insights to help your business thrive.

Accept Payments Online : With payment forms, you can collect important registration information at the time of purchase, store credit card information on file, and automatically prevent duplicate customer records with our secure management platform.

Set Up Online Registration Forms : Collect registration details from any customer and store it securely in our customer management platform.

Recurring Payment Forms : Generate orders for recurring services, set up flexible payment plans, or pro-rated payment amounts./p>

Accept Payments Online, On Any Device : Easily sell one-time or recurring items even when your staff isn’t available. Customers can pay through payment forms anywhere, on any device and receive automated follow-ups once their purchase is completed.

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